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Group Supported Employment

Production Teams

Group Supported Employment A group of program participants, working as a production team, perform work under the guidance of a Work Opportunity Center, Inc. (WOC, Inc.) supervisor at a community business.

Individuals arrive at WOC, Inc. and are transported by a passenger van to and from the Production Facility to the business. Individuals participating in Group Supported Employment are paid according to work performed. Group Supported Employment

Skills Development

Group Supported Employment provides an opportunity to acquire skills in different industries and gain valuable work experience in the community.

In addition, individuals gain confidence, self esteem, have an opportunity to meet and interact with other workers, and gain an overall understanding of different work cultures.

Individuals continue to receive their paycheck and benefits from WOC, Inc. Group sites operate daily, seasonally or as needed.

Sandy - Assistant Manager of ES for the Production Facility & Enclaves For more information please contact Sandy Michaelian
Assistant Manager of Employment Supports for the
Production Facility & Enclaves
413-786-8830 x24