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The Employment Supports staff assists individuals in their transition to work. Although each participants programming is individualized to his or her needs, the types of support and resources available are listed below. Individuals may participate in each component depending on which service they qualify for.

Intake, Evaluation & Assessment

The intake and assessment component varies significantly for each participant depending upon their circumstances and abilities. For many, this will involve situational assessments, job tryouts and an ongoing career development plan unique to each individual. Work Opportunity Center, Inc. (WOC, Inc.) utilizes a variety of assessment tools including the reading free interest inventory, the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, the K-Bit Brief Intelligence Test, computer skills assessments and typing assessments. Many of our assessments are available in English and Spanish.

Job Targeted Education & Skills Training

Job Targeted Education & Skills Training

The education and skills training component will be tailored specifically to each person's unique needs and abilities. Participants will also be afforded the opportunity to enhance their skills with staff directed computer training in Micro Soft Word, ACCESS and Power Point.

WOC, Inc. staff also provides on-going training in job search skills, job readiness, interview techniques and general office skills including typing training utilizing Typing Instructor Software.

Job Targeted Education & Skills Training

In addition WOC, Inc. maintains a janitorial training program in our Agawam location and also works with community employers to provide community based training in janitorial, housekeeping and laundry services. We continue to work with other employers to increase training opportunities.

WOC, Inc. operates a light industrial assembly production facility in Agawam as well as a full-service mail house. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn production tasks such as:

In addition, individuals will also be able to learn to operate different equipment including: shrink wrap machines, mail house machinery, Direct Impact Printers and pallet jacks. Forklift training and certification is also available. Staff supervises the training and assessment component and monitors progress. Utilizing our mail house, production facility and community partners, we are able to provide a comprehensive vocational assessment.

Job Development & Placement

Employment Supports staff will provide direct job developing supports primarily in small group settings and one-to-one support can also be provided as needed. Job search activities can include internet searches, review of classified ads, job fairs, networking and assistance with application processes. Exposure to WOC, Inc.'s extensive network of community contacts will provide consumers with a significant network of potential employment options. Job search can be tailored to an individual situation, targeted to a particular neighborhood and expanded to include other areas.

Initial Employment Supports

Initial on the job supports will be provided in the least restrictive manner possible. In many cases the employer will provide those supports with limited support from the Employment Specialist. If needed, the Employment Specialist will provide supports in the workplace which could include:

In all instances WOC, Inc. staff will work with individuals to identify strong natural supports and strategies to anticipate the unique needs of each workplace. Program participants are eligible for on-going career development assistance and supports after securing employment.

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