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School to Work Programs Available A successful transition for individuals with disabilities requires collaboration. Work Opportunity Center, Inc. (WOC, Inc.) can help facilitate collaboration between students, educational staff, parents and employers.

Working together we can develop the most effective employment solutions and create a path to workplace independence.

Work Opportunity Center, Inc. offers three distinct programs to meet student needs:

Services offered to school systems

Work Opportunity Center offers School to Work Programs

Services offered to students/parents

School systems we've worked with include:

Case studies

Mike comes from a regional School system. He's been supported by Work Opportunity Center, Inc. (WOC, Inc) staff since he turned 19. Initially attending the Sheltered Workshop/Vocational Training program at WOC, Inc. two days per week for the first year. His IEP goal for the next year was to attend full time. He is currently working and being paid a competitive wage with supports from our Supported Employment program at a local church performing light cleaning duties. He is also being trained as a cashier two days per week at our in house store during lunch periods.

Katherine started with WOC, Inc. in her last year of high school. Her personal goal was to work with children. Our staff assisted her to obtain CPR and First Aid Certification. She was soon hired and paid a competitive wage as a teacher's assistant at a local day care center.

The school system developed a job for Sandi working at her community town hall cleaning offices. WOC, Inc. was hired to provide transitional services from school supports to Supported Employment. A WOC, Inc. Employment Specialist initially worked with Sandi and the school's job coach who gradually faded as our staff assumed total responsibility. As Sandi's job performance improved and her independence increased she required less workplace support from staff, ultimately performing the job independently. This approach ensured a seamless transition for Sandi from school to the world of work.

Sandy - Assistant Manager of ES for the Production Facility & Enclaves For more information please contact Sandy Michaelian
Assistant Manager of Employment Supports for the
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