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Supported Employment

Career Planning

Work Opportunity Center assists participanst with obtaining employment. The Supported Employment Department at Work Opportunity Center, Inc. (WOC, Inc.) assists program participants to obtain employment with local businesses.

Staff works with each program participant on an individualized basis to identify marketable skills, career interests, work history and a desired work schedule. An Employment Specialist will conduct Vocational Assessments, develop a resume, a career plan and will assist with job developing.

Specific skills training directly related to obtaining or maintaining employment is also provided. This can include interviewing techniques, accessing transportation and computer skills.

Pay & Benefits

All participants work directly for the company that hires them and earn at least minimum wage. Currently in Massachusetts the minimum wage is $8.00 an hour. Individuals may receive benefits offered by the company which could include holiday pay, vacations, medical insurance and employee discounts. Participants can work part or full time depending on their availability and the needs of the employer.

Supports Offered

Work Opportunity Center assists participants with obtaining employment. Every individual will receive support from WOC, Inc. staff in all aspects of his or her community employment. These supports range in type and intensity, depending on individual needs.

On-the-job coaching is available during the initial placement as well as developing assistance with natural supports and understanding the particular workplace culture unique to any given employer.

Support is provided throughout an individual's employment tenure and can be adjusted to an individual's needs at any given time.


Transportation can be coordinated by the Employment Specialist. Transportation options can include car-pooling, the PVTA, family and friends and specialized van service.

Paul - Employment Supports Manager For more information please contact Paul Burns
Employment Supports Manager at: 1-413-886-0489 x101
Employment Supports Department
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